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Years of professional experience in the financial markets has positioned XE Prime as one of the most trusted and transparent brokers in the industry.

XE Prime has been providing a wide range of products and services for traders worldwide since 2017.

Segregation of Client Funds | VFSC Complied | 200+ Trading Instruments | Spreads Starting At 0.5 Pips


Transparency is our core value

XE Prime strives to build trust through openness along with providing great products and services.

We do this by being compiled and fully regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commissions (VFSC) under license number 14579.

Overall, our main objective is to enhance financial transparency and offer greater client protection for our customers.


We believe in education

Our philosophy is simple: Knowledge is Power.

Therefore, we endeavor to empower and educate our clients so they will receive the best returns of their investment through direct firsthand knowledge.

With this notion in mind, we offer an education center to our clientele.

Here, clients can find a variety of video lessons, trading platform tutorials, downloadable eBooks on a wide range of trading-related subjects, and webinars presented by industry experts.

On top of this, XE Prime also provides advanced trading tools and analysis, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly market researches, signals, channels, and updates.

Overall, such tools can greatly aid in enriching your own personal knowledge of not just our platforms and systems but on trading in these markets as a whole.


LONG-TERM INVESTMENT Protections & Conditions

XE Prime charges no swaps on long-term positions nor has hidden commissions and fees, providing ideal conditions for long term trading and investment.

Our trading conditions are amongst the tightest spreads available in the market, starting at only 0.5 pips.

XE Prime ensures all trades are executed at the best available price, with no re-quotes, which make a perfect, all in one experience for traders at any level.

Additionally, we operate your account under negative balance protection along with the complete segregation of your funds from the company’s assets.

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Account Types

XE Prime offers various account types to traders of all experience levels.

Each type is based on a client’s specific financial capabilities and accordingly offers the appropriate set of tools and resources that would be most beneficial for them.




Always a leader in embracing cutting-edge technology, XE Prime provides you with the MetaTrader 5 trading platform system.

Carrying on its impressive reputation, the MetaTrader 5 features new and extended characteristics which makes online trading even more professional and precise.

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